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Travel Agents: Earn Your Largest Commission Ever Using This Powerful Business Strategy

How to book trips consistently, making 5 figures in commission, without ever wondering where your leads come from

Does this sound familiar?

You’re a travel expert who’s been in the travel industry for several years — or even several decades — but you’re still not making “expert” money.
You want to grow your travel business, but it feels like you’ve hit a brick wall because you’ve simply maxed out all the hours in your day …

You see other agents scoring invites to sit at supplier tables during industry galas, and you wonder, “why not me?”
You work REALLY hard for your travel clients … but sometimes it feels like you’re just not making enough commission to justify that hard work.

I don’t want you to accept that this is “just the way it is"

Hi, I’m Michelle Woodson Howell. As a fellow travel agent, I’ve perfected a strategy that’s netted me more clients AND bigger commissions, while allowing me to reclaim my time. And I’ve helped other agents do the same.

How? Through joint venture partnerhips.

What’s a joint venture?

A joint venture is when you partner with a business to create a group travel experience for their best customers. The business owner does all the marketing for the trip to fill the group block, while you do all the travel planning.
For business owners, this is an incredible way to build customer loyalty, explore new marketing avenues, travel at a DEEP discount and even create a new revenue stream for their business through commission splits.
And you? You get:
… handfuls of new leads without doing any prospecting …
… consistency in your travel business so you’re never left scrambling for your next client …
… and — if you’re anything like the travel agents whom I’ve helped implement this strategy — you get your highest commissions ever.

Joint Venture Partnerships: It's As Easy As 1-2-3

  • Identify and reach out to prospective business partners

  • ​Pitch your trip idea and guide your prospect to a ​​"yes"

  • Plan the group trip and earn a commission with a comma!

Case Study #1

“I earned nearly $26,000 in commission […]
​and the best part was my JV partner brought the clients to ME.”

Meet Trish:
“I first saw Michelle speak about her joint venture formula a few years ago at an industry event. I was immediately struck by her energy — she was so articulate and passionate about this strategy, I was immediately drawn to her. She clearly knew what she was talking about.
I reached out to Michelle after the event because I knew I wanted to be aligned with someone who had her passion and expertise. Soon, she was urging me to try the joint venture strategy myself — and she walked me through the process step by step. I was a little unsure, but Michelle made it so easy.
Thanks to Michelle’s generous — and easy-to-follow — insights, I soon booked my first joint venture on a Tauck river cruise with a group leader and 5 cabins full of passengers. The trip was such a huge success that the group leader immediately wanted to work with me on another small luxury group trip.
Between the first group river cruise, second group land package, and individual trips planned, I netted nearly $26,000 in commission. With very little effort on my part! That number doesn’t even include the service fee I charged.
I don’t want to say Michelle’s formula for the joint venture strategy is ‘idiot-proof’ — because I think you do need integrity, passion, and a little basic knowledge of river cruising  — but it really is as easy as 1-2-3 … with incredible results!
— Trish Gastineau, Simply Customized Travel

How to Know If This Program Is Right for You

  • What happens when you use the JV strategy, powered by my perfected formula, in your travel business? My program is for you if you want to:


    • Stop hunting for leads … because your JV partner brings the leads right to you. After your group trip you can continue to market to these hot leads.
    • Pocket consistent 5-figure commissions. Booking group trips exponentially grows your earning potential … without adding to your workload (it’s almost as easy planning a trip for 20 as it is for 2!).
    • Earn predictable income. Large group trips are planned well in advance, so you’ll know exactly when to expect your next big paycheck.
    • Become the apple of your supplier’s eye. Suppliers LOVE group business — get ready for FAM invites, awards, and a whole lot of personal attention from your BDM.
    • Stand out as a specialist. It’s no secret: experts make more money. You’ll soon be known as THE group travel expert which will help you attract even more lucrative leads.

Case Study #2

“My ICs now have 20-30 new clients — and the ball starts rolling for them.”

Meet Faith:
“Pursuing joint ventures has helped me secure group trips that align with my passions — like music, wine, and the culinary arts — and using Michelle’s formula has helped take my groups to the next level.
My first joint venture partnership with a wine shop led to booking an 8-person trip. My numbers have grown exponentially since then. Today, I’m planning joint venture group trips with an average of 16-24 travelers. In fact, one of my agency’s biggest wins was a joint venture partnership with two musicians, with whom we escorted 157 guests to an all-inclusive resort. My agency earned $11,775 in commission plus two free rooms at the resort.
I owned a travel agency for six years before opening the group-focused arm of my agency in 2014. One of the biggest benefits of JV partnerships, for me, is it allows me to consult with a fellow business owner, block out the group, and then pass the booking off to one of my ICs to facilitate. If the IC does a fantastic job, they now have 20-30 new clients — and the ball starts rolling for them.”

— ​Faith Sproule, Niche Travel Group

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Michelle partners with businesses and organizations for affinity group travel through joint venture partnerships. She is also the creator of Drink Outside the Box! How to Grow Your Travel Business with Joint Venture Partnerships. 

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